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Ashwood Physical Therapy, Inc. was established in 1987 in the beautiful beach town of Ventura, CA. This clinic has since been providing cutting edge treatment and patient centric care to those seeking rehabilitation. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy continue to provide patients with the latest evidence-based treatment in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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We are an independent Doctor of Physical Therapy owned practice that specializes in the treatment and prevention of orthopedic conditions. Our mission is to provide the best care possible for all those seeking rehabilitation. This is achieved through evidence-based principals, skilled clinical experience and collaboration with other healthcare professionals to advance our patients in regaining their highest level of function.

Areas of expertise include:

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  • Surgical Rehabilitation

    Our physical therapists specialize in the treatment of pre-surgical & post-surgical conditions. It is imperative for individuals to strengthening, stabilize & condition prior to surgery. This will result in shorter recovery time following post-surgical conditions related to: Total Joint Replacement, Tendon repair, Spinal procedures (Fusion, Laminectomy, Diskectomy), or Arthroscopic procedures. Research shows that pre-op physical therapy individuals recover faster; increase mobility and strength quicker while reducing overall pain throughout their rehabilitation.  

  • Sports Therapy & Injury Screening

    Injuries are extremely frustrating for athletes, forcing them to modify their lifestyle while they’re healing. Following rest and healing, they often discover that they’re still not able to compete at a high level without risking further injury. This injury/rest/re-injury process is all too common for many athletes. The key to stopping this vicious cycle is to understand the aspects of appropriately training your body. Our physical therapists will design an individualized program that will allow you to return back to your favorite sport or recreational activity.

  • Gait Training & Vestibular Rehab

    Our Doctor of Physical Therapy will first perform a detailed evaluation including a balance & gait assessment. The patient will then receive a specialized treatment program for home and at our facility that will focus on improving stability and reducing risk of falls inside/ outside the home. All patients are under the direct supervision of a physical therapist and properly monitored throughout their therapy program. Treatment focus includes: various terrain; incline/ declines; curbs; stairs; hurdles; cones and interactive balance activities. 

TOP RATED Aquatic Therapy 

As one of Ashwood's patients, you have the unique opportunity to achieve rehabilitation success through our Aquatic Therapy Program. As a participant, you will experience complete comfort while exercising in our heated 92° therapeutic pool. This is the most ideal environment for low impact strengthening and stability training. This facility also has access to a 6 lane Olympic size lap pool: ideal for cardiovascular training and sports rehabilitation/ recovery. The aquatic center is handicap accessible with a motorized lift chair for easy transfers in and out of the pool. Other accommodations include private changing rooms, personal showers, lockers & water filling stations. Every patient seeking aquatic therapy will receive an individualized exercise program constructed by one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy.  

Common diagnosis & referrals for aquatic therapy include:

Fibromyalgia • Osteoarthritis • Osteoporosis • Surgical Repair • Total Joint Replacement • Acute or Chronic Pain • General Weakness • Cardiopulmonary Issues • Balance and Gait Impairments

Our facility offers a wide range of therapy services

Genuine Commitment to Your Health.


    Exercising is important in improving brain performance, combating health conditions/ diseases and improving your mood & boosting energy throughout the day, as well as promoting better sleep at night.

    Staying active is important as we age and exercising is a key component along with nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    Our facility offers patients the opportunity to continue their exercise program without the need of a doctor's prescription or using medical insurance. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will create an individualized exercise program that focuses on improving daily function, maintaining safety and improving personal health. Ask us how you can join Ashwood's Wellness Program today!

  • Rehabilitation & Conditioning

    Injuries are often a common occurrence while maintaining an active lifestyle. It can be extremely frustrating while healing from injuries and often leads to repeated injury when not treated appropriately. The key to stopping this repeated injury occurrence is to understand the aspects of corrective exercise. Our knowledgeable therapists will develop an individualized treatment program that will change the way you view "exercise". This treatment program will be a pivotal platform in maintaining the progress you make while in treatment & highly advised to continue even after therapy services are concluded.  

  • Balance & Stability Training

    Our facility uses the latest research proven treatment; focusing on fall prevention. We are equipped with the newest equipment to treat impairments in balance and gait. We also have an interactive gaming system that will make exercises fun and exciting! 

  • Ergonomics & Core Stabilization

    Our therapists are extremely knowledgeable in treating conditions from work related repetitive use or overuse injuries. Treatment will focus on reducing muscle, tendon & joint pain while conditioning each patient the ability to return/ transition back to work or to their favorite recreational activity.

Find out what our patients really think of us!

  • Patient Reviews

    "I just retired after 31 years as a professional firefighter, I have had 6 different surgeries on various body parts over my career. Ashwood staff has been top notch!!! The staff in the back had got me back to normal Scale of 1-10 I give 15 because they care." – Bob L.

    "Sam and his staff are so welcoming, professional and really help clients feel comfortable from the moment we walk in the door through all phases of physical therapy. Their aquatic program provides personal, custom-designed exercises and one-on-one coaching through all the exercises. Everyone is so positive and encouraging and it's a joy to go to PT. They're a great team that values and respects each other's skills and expertise. What a great approach!" -Karena L.

    "I have used the services of 3 physical therapists over the last 5 years. Ashwood is the best. They are professional, competent and really care about your progress. Having had problems with the other firms, I was understandably concerned when I first went to them (at the recommendation of my surgeon). I need not have worried; the entire staff is great, striking a balance between pushing me and not overdoing it. I recommend them highly." -Luke A.

    "Staff is awesome they know what they are doing and how far to push u. Anyone looking for PT i recommend u come here i think going anywhere else would be a waste of time and money. Everyone here is super friendly and very knowledgeable." -Jason J.

    "I'm old and my neck hurts: referred by an Orthopod about 2 months ago. I'm leaving for a hike in Italy and did a 5 mile training hike in Arroyo Verde hills yesterday: pack straps caused NO neck/shoulder pain, use of trekking poles caused NO neck/shoulder stiffness. Woke up this morning with NO pain, stiffness. I realized about a couple of weeks ago that I CAN feel better with exercises specific to my problem! I work out regularly in cardio and circuit areas of the Y and I know that has improved my life BUT I couldn't find a routine that abated my neck issues. Oddly enough, that takes some medical intervention with ***PT!!!***. BTW we first came to Ashwood when my Husband was referred by a doc friend. These people cannot be praised highly enough." -June L.

  • Patient Reviews

    "The PT I had there was the best. My knee replacement recovery was a success thanks to Ashwood. I'm riding my bike again and walking daily with my wife and dog pain-free!" - Guy F.

    "I look forward to my therapy sessions from the moment I am greeted at the door, to my exercise time with the aides (which are friendly and professional), and finally my time with Sam." – Kelly P.

    "I had a left rotator cuff repair. I was blessed to be sent to Ashwood physical therapy, it was close to my home. The Physical therapist and PT aides were great!! Encouraging and educating me with the appropriate treatment instructed." –Robin W.

  • Patient reviews

    "I had a great experience with Ashwood's pool therapy program. The therapist was very attentive and easily modified exercises that I was struggling with. I can't believe how great I felt after about 4 weeks of treatment. I would definitely recommend this clinic for their pool therapy services. I have already recommended several friends and family members to their clinic that I thought would benefit from this type of treatment. I can't believe that most doctors in Ventura don't even know about this type of service offered by Ashwood. I have joined the YMCA and continue to do my exercises in the pool 2 days a week. Thank you guys so much." -Kara Jones

    "I am so impressed with the professionalism, knowledge & excellent customer service I have received at Ashwood Physical Therapy. The entire office staff is very friendly. Sam did a very thorough examination and has started me on the road to recovery to improve my shoulder range of motion due to a very bad fall. I would highly recommend Ashwood to anyone looking to improve their quality of life!! I would rate them a 10! A 5 star rating isn't enough to show how impressed I am with them!! Thank you Ashwood staff!!" - Steven Foster

    "My doctor recommended Ashwood Physical Therapy following my shoulder surgery. I'm glad he did because I received AMAZING TREATMENT and was given a thorough home exercise program day 1. The staff at Ashwood is so friendly and make you feel at home while in their care. I couldn't have found a better place & HIGHLY recommend Ashwood to anybody needing physical therapy."-Sara Wong

    "Ashwood PT is a Godsend to me and my husband. My husband had three surgeries on his right arm after long term computer use affected his wrist, hand and elbow to the point of wasting and loss of strength. The surgeries helped somewhat but the PT really seemed to make a difference. The caring staff at Ashwood made his recovery as thorough and speedy as possible. The folks there honestly care for the patent and his supportive family. Thank you Ashwood."-Sophia Hsu

    "After Carpal Tunnel operation was assigned to another physical therapy company via my insurer. Not a good experience - the other place was unclean, disorganized and I was besieged with up-sale items that are normally provided by the insurer.

    I took the recommendation from a coworker and made an appointment at Ashwood. From the time I walked in the front door I knew this was going to be a completely different experience - and it was.

    Ashwood is an oasis amongst the clutter and disinterest that passes for therapy out there. Sam Fisher, the owner is great - caring, concerned and he's invested in my therapeutic outcome. And the staff is awesome - personable, caring, involved and professional.

    I work at the County of Ventura and have made it my mission to recommend Ashwood to anyone needing physical therapy - and so many of these people have wholeheartedly thanked me it's amazing.

    I hope you'll thank me too :)"-Vast Ozone

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